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I have just found my old Iphone 6 that I had a while back and I have tried charging it for about 2 hours now and yet the phone wont even turn on. I am not sure if the screen or LED is broken or not. If I could turn the phone on I would be able to get all my old photos and videos from it.

I have tried connecting it to a computer and nothing has come on the screen nor has the phone even turned on.
I have tried leaving it on charge for about 2 hours and still not come on.

The phone hasn't even come on so I don't even know if the phones screen is broken.

I know all the pass codes and things like that so if i could just type them in it would be great.

Any more information you need please don't hesitate to ask.
Thankyou for your time.
(sorry if I have not worded this the best)
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Have you got this issue fixed yet?

You said you plugged it into the computer and nothing came up on the phone, did you get any pop ups on the computer to say iPhone connected?

I would have tried opening up iTunes to see if the phone is listed on there once you have plugged it in.
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