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Sheesh, been on here for 7+ years, longer than my account creation date. Funny to see how immature and senseless I was at the beginning. I come on here time and time to read what's new in modding and such. Wish I could be more active but life takes over most the time. Cheers to all!

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Congrats on the 7 years pal!

Yeah life can sometimes compromise the amount of time you can spend on forums kind of a pain tbh
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Congrats man on the 7 years.
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Glad to see you stop by every now and then.
Congrats on 7 years on TTG!
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congrats on 7 years my dude!
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Congrats om 7 years man!
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Congrats g
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Congratulations on 7 years my guy stay active and vist the sb sometime
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Congrats on 7 years lad.

Would love to see you more active one day.
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Grats on 7 Years buddie!
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