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Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
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Haven't been on a plane in a very long time but will be on a delta flight in a month or so.
Guess I'll go with delta based on their reviews and how cheap I got their tickets!
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I forgot to mention, for those of yall that just like cheap tickets and don't care what airline, download the app "skyscanner". It will show you all the cheapest flights available and you can pick and choose which airline if you have a preference. It's saved me TONS of money lol.
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Honestly the best airline for me is jet2 its nothing special but it has way more leg room then some other companies dont provide. Ooo and better seats. Not the best but it does the job I suppose for the money your spending.
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every plane i'm on is uncomfortable and boring so i hate flying
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Delta because my family works with them
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r0cketz wroteMalaysian Airlines Flight 370
LoL you wild mofo
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Ryan Air In Ireland
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I really dont like any of them.
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pIasma wroteI really dont like any of them.
Why is that lol? And if you dont like any of them do you choose to just not fly?
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