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I have worked at Home Depot and am currently working for Lowe's, and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about which one is best and why. Obviously they're "rivals", but realistically they are both good and bad depending on management and locations.

So which do you prefer and what are some of your reasons?

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I like Lowe's because the one where I live is a lot newer and cleaner than Home Depot
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lowe's is a whole vibe man
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Lowes is much more professional
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I personally prefer Home Depot because that's where I pick up all my Milwaukee power tools.
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Depends on what you want imo

Lowes for appliances or flooring

Home Depot for everything else
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Lowes is the best hasn't never let me down and has everything you could possibly need, funny I was browsing through and seen this thread and the last couple days we've been going back and forth the lowes to grab mulch and some other stuff for the summer time.
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Home Depot
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dont think canada has lowes well montreal quebec anyways, so ill say home depot
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Lowe's because craftsman
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