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Been about a year and a half since 14k, longest 1000 posts since I started posting here I think lol. Glad to finally hit 15k, and soon to be 10th top poster. Got my eyes on that 20k Veteran badge, hopefully I'll reach that a little quicker.

Some achievements over the years;
15k posts(duh)
5,861 useful posts
729 thanks
2500+ rep
16 badges, including PCMR, Ninja, and Rated Awesome
11th top poster(soon to be #10)

Cheers all, here's to 20k and maybe even one day 30k lol

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You're a true legend, thanks for everything you do for the PC section on this site.
Congrats on 15k and see you at 20k soon lol
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Jheez bro that's a big milestone congrats g
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that's a giant milestone! 15k posts is a lot! lol congrats man! very well done
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Congrats on 15k, Huge milestone!
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congrats on 15k posts! thats insane!! ily
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Constants man
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Right on! Congrats, go for Mikeys spot
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Huge congratulations on 15,000 posts man. Not many users will ever reach that achievement.

Hopefully you can sneak up on one of the top 5 posters soon.

Good luck on your journey to 20k.

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Grats man 15k is nuts
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