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Now offering price match, when you link a seller cheaper than my services I will match that sellers cost and product for 10% cheaper!

For Borderlands 2 look down below
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Petite's Borderlands GOTY Weapon + Mod drop!

Packages n' Prices

- Weapon Drop $3
Includes: 20 legit weapons, 5 Modded weapons

- Full Drop $5
Includes: Over 2000+ weapons, Unlimited modded weapons, Modded shields, Skill points, Inventory Space shield.

Why Buy From Petite?

My goal here is to provide a service for those who have the money to purchase a package and don't want to wait for a free lobby to clear up as they're always full.

I provide instant invites to my lobbies on Borderlands and have well over 5000+ weapons, I can power level and supply you with the rarest guns in the game examples being: Red rarity weapons, Inventory shields, Stock weapons (1 shot weapons), Old n' New Gearbox weapons and Skill points!

I've modded my own games since 2011 and have years of experience and vouches from my prior services, and if you buy once guess what you never have to buy again! That's right you and your friends can all get the same package for the cost of 1 no problems or questions asked.


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Free Lobby Status

Hosting: [Free lobby offline]

Borderlands 2

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Packages n' Prices

- Full Drop $5
500 Modded/Legit Weapons and gear + Unlimited inventory Lvl 80-Op10 + Lvl 80 Lobby, Max money, Max eridium

- Instant 80 lobby $3
Instant lvl 80, Max money, Max eridium


If you purchase my services you accept that TheTechGame, Ltd. or I are not responsible for any Bans/Resets/Repercussions.
There are no refunds after the service has been delivered.
Proof can be found in the proof section below.

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Nice prices you have here

You've got my vouch.
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Definitely got my vouch!

Received in seconds
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This guy is very legit you have my vouch! Buy from him very fast service
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Very legit and very fast got my vouche
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Very legit very fast service! Thank you!
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Post Looks Great Vouch for my Buddy Petite
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Legit he's the best
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Legit thanks mate ! Quick and ez service
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Prices seem pretty fair, Good luck with your sales
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