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Petite's Borderlands 3 Shop

(Click here to PM!)

Xbox GT: Its Ayu

Online Status:

Please check the last page of comments for live updates!

Recovery services are available check below!

Attention Xbox One X users, the game has a bug that causes the system to crash when joining games, to fix this you must be the host of the game and you have to change your visual settings to performance over graphics.

The wait is finally over vault hunters and I'm ready to help serve your needs in terms of, getting loot, money, xp/levels and more.

This is not a modded lobby, this is just exploits put together with actual farming that I can do efficiently.

Build Your Own Package

Since I'll be hosting this game differently I'll allow users to pick their costs based on what they want, see something missing you want let me know and we'll work out a cost!

Max Money

10 - Level 50 Legendary Guns

10 - Any Level Legendary Guns

Levels 1-15
$0.50 Per Level

Levels 15-30
$1.00 Per Level

Levels 30-50
$1.50 Per Level

100 Eridium

5 - Top Tier Legendary Guns/Items (Lvl 50)

10 - Top Tier Legendary Guns/Items (Lvl 50)

Game assistance

Boss assistance

1 Hour Legendary/Eridium Farming

Prebuilt Packages

Basic Package - $10
- 30mins of Farming
- Guaranteed 5-10 Legendary Items
- XP
- 100 Eridium

Advanced Package - $20
- 1hr of Farming
- Guaranteed 10-20 Legendary Items
- 5-10 Levels
- 200-300 Eridium
- Max Money

Diamond Package - $25
- 1hr30mins of Farming
- Guaranteed 20-40 Legendary items
- 10 Levels
- 300-500 Eridium
- Max Money
- Maxed Storage Deck Upgrades
- Free Weapon Upgrade (See In FAQ)

Recovery Package - $30
- 1-2 Hours to Complete
- Guaranteed Full Legendary Inventory
- Max Level
- Max Money (has to be done outside of recovery)
- Max Storage Deck Upgrades
- 300 Eridium
- Need Account Details to Be Done


Will I get banned?
No this is all done legit, there is a small dupe exploit involved this will not result in a ban.

Whats a free weapon upgrade?
A free weapon upgrade found in the above diamond package, this means whatever level you were when we boosted you (Ex: Lvl 36) when you hit max level (Lvl 50) I will go back boosting with you free of charge and get you 20-40 max level legendary items so your not stuck with stuff that isn't your level.

What do I need to do?
We'll set up the sale on here via PM's, from there we'll arrange a cost, you'll then add me on Xbox and I'll add you back and invite you to a party. You don't need a mic but you have to be able to hear me for instructions, what we are doing will vary based on what you bought but it's important to listen to my instructions.

Can you go on my account and do it for me?
Yes! I am now stickied and verified by staff to be trusted, I will do it quickly and I can do it while you're away. I offer live updates on account level and time estimated till completion.

How do I know what I purchase I will receive?
I've done borderlands services since 2012 it was the first game I've ever sold on, this topic hasnt been around for a year and I've generated over 200 vouches from unique and trusted users across the site, I will settle for nothing less than a positive experience.

What is the refund policy?
After the service is delivered to you there will be no refund plain and simple, however if there is connection issues that arise or any other issue thats out of my control you will receive a full or partial refund.

When do I pay?
I'll never ask you to pay until you've connected into my game assuring that no issues arise this will prevent me from having to refund unless an unknown issue arises.

If you purchase my services you accept that TheTechGame, Ltd. or I are not responsible for any Bans/Resets/Repercussions.
There are no refunds after the service has been delivered.

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Nice prices you have here

You've got my vouch.
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Definitely got my vouch!

Received in seconds
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This guy is very legit you have my vouch! Buy from him very fast service
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Very legit and very fast got my vouche
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Very legit very fast service! Thank you!
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Post Looks Great Vouch for my Buddy Petite
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Legit he's the best
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Legit thanks mate ! Quick and ez service
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Prices seem pretty fair, Good luck with your sales
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