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I've been here on TTG for a while now and I'd just like to say how awesome this community is and how everyone is here for each other.

I may be muted from the SB for no reason but I'd just like to let y'all know how cool u guys are and y'all are part of a great site!

TTG v6 tomorrow :hype:

lol I forgot to say ya boy has turned 21

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Put ur doob down and have a glass of water and enjoy your birthday

You mash head
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Tell ad mod or something shoutbox is a chill place but enjoy a drink
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Happy Birthday and you didn't get muted for no reason.
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happy birthday brothaaaaaaa
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Happy 21st to a contender in the biggest troll competition!
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happy birthday bro welcome back
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Congrats man on 21
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happy birthday buddy
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Enjoy your birthday! Have a good one.
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