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I would like to Thank everyone on my Friends List and the Shoutbox for letting my hit 1k rep and Ill be on to 2k soon.

Also grateful I've got the Blind Luck Badge. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH

See you guys at 2k rep

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Xbox (04-06-2019), Scxtt (04-03-2019), Zema (04-02-2019), Hi (04-02-2019), Mikey (04-02-2019), LoveFairy (04-02-2019)
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Congrats on 1k rep and the badge
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congrats on the accomplishments bro!

keep up the fantastic work!
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Congrats on the 1k and new badge mate.
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Congrats on 1k rep and the new badge!
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congrats on 1k rep and blind luck
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congrats man! very nice see ya at your next milestone
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Congrats on 1k rep and the new badge.
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Congrats on 1k rep and the badge
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Congratulations mate
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