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Vapes wroteI work 2 jobs and one of them I'm always getting out at night. Right now its kinda slow where I'm currently working and I get off early

What's jobs do you do, that's mad working 2 jobs lol
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Working nights doesnt sound bad unless you do nothing all night then I can see why you would get so bored.
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I actually like working at night. Less people and more laid back.
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I much rather work nights at my job little to no management and better pay !
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I personally wouldn't be able to do that. I work 40 hrs a week 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Decent pay but can be hard work.

But honestly if i was you i would just keep at it. I thought my job was hard but you just get used to it.
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i used to do nights and hated it.

Currently i work 5am to 2pm which tbh is the best hour slot.

im home in time to get anything else done before work and not too tired to enjoy my day!
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I currently manage a nightclub so I fully understand you man, I do 5pm til 6am most nights and sometimes work by myself during the early week so it can drag
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