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Sorry this Went up A Littly Late

Another Sad Passing Recent Of Rapper/Inspiring Artist Was Shot Multiple Times And Killed Cruely of some Bullshit Jealousy. This gun Violence shit ain't cool at all. I didn't even know of his music but it's sad that he tried to better people and spread a positive message and was killed still pretty young.

So Anyone up for the challenge for making This!

Once its Made anyone Feel Free to Use!
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RIP Nipsey he was a young goat
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That's sad to hear. I can get this done for you if you like. Is there anything that you want added in particular like a certain font/colour/background etc?
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Very upsetting news, may he rest in peace.
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RIP Nipsey, my man was a true legend, and impacted his community, I can't wait to see the Sig/Avatar someone makes for this.
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Someone could probably make a better one but I gave it some time:

Sorry to hear about this
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Was a great man.

May he rest in piece
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Nipsey Hussle

If you'd like me to add/change anything, please send me a message! Use the link above to download the images. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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RepBandit wrote

these are really good, holy shit
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