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Got Amazon Prime? You just got 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for free

On Thursday, Amazon went one bigger by allying with its first-ever console maker in order to create a pretty solid perk. If you own a Nintendo Switch and pay for Amazon Prime, you can now claim a combined 12 months of free Nintendo Switch Online access (a $20 USD value)

Nintendo Switch Online Link

In order to dispel one-month Amazon Prime subscribers from cashing in, however, there's a catch: you can only claim the first three months of this offer at first. Once you've claimed that voucher, Amazon will start a clock on your Prime membership, waiting a full 60 days before coughing up a code for your additional nine months of NSO access. Additionally, because the offer requires NSO login and Twitch credential verification, you cannot game the system by claiming multiple Twitch Prime bonuses on a single NSO account. (That means you can't swipe a parent's unused Switch months if you also claim your own.) The three-month offer expires September 24 of this year, while the additional nine-month offer must be claimed by January 22, 2020.

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This is easily one of Twitch primes best deals, even if it's only $20. That's a good bit of money!
Excellent find, and hopefully it sticks around!
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Thank you so much for this info im def going to redeem this free 12 months with my prime
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I got on this deal yesterday, thanks for sharing!
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All the more reason to get Prime back lol, great they are doing this.
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Oh freee??? Dont mind if i do! Thanks bro! ily
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Insane deal thanks fore share
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Nice ass deal for real. Thanks
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