BattlefieldFirestorm whats your thoughts?Posted:

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So with the release of Battlefields Battle Royal mode Firestorm today what are your thoughts on it?

Ive only played 2 games myself need to get more into it
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I actually really enjoy it. It's what I've been looking for in a BR game. Huge map, which will take a long time to learn, vehicles that are balanced with anti tank grenades, etc. Very realistic, even with the fire circle destroying everything. Needs some tweaking with the pre game lobbies. But overall the game is as close as you can get to a real life battle royale with amazing graphics.
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Yea i like the BR mode. If you wanna hook up and play some together, let me know! I'm playing on pc btw.
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Played it quite alot. Got myself 6 wins and used most of weapons. It's balanced and fun and the vehicles can be countered.i like how they have fuel do you can't just use them until the game ends
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I think that its pretty awesome! I love how they limit you too only parts of the map when you are playing
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I need to get battlefield and play firestorm .
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Do you recommend it ?
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HiHowAreYa412 wroteDo you recommend it ?

played few more games last night got few kills but nowhere near a win yet taken time to adjust from call of duty just lol but im liking it alot need to get a sqaud goin say it be better fun
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Migh actually cop this game since everyone is saying it's good
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will probably pick it up tbh, looks pretty cool
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