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Opinions on Bryce Harper nowadays?

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By exercising recently I mean about 3 weeks I only mention it because my doctor says it should've helped.
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Start slow, start jogging, eating fruit, stop eating junk food and fast food. It'll take time for your body to adjust to exercising because it isn't use to it that's why I say start slow.

Much respect for you coming out and making this post, not many people have the confidence to come and ask for help. We all start somewhere man, set you a goal and slowly achieve it, you can do it man.
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I am also big and need to lose weight but I would say don't eat at night and just work out even if it's only a hour and meal prep eat good food fruits no chips no fast foods or anything like that
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I would personally start out small, like cut back a little with what your eating. It will give your body time to adjust to everything that's going on. So don't just stop completely with everything if you do your body will take it's toll and your health. So just start with one meal a day very healthy like breakfast that is where all your energy will come from. Start out by taking walks outside and then start jogging and then running. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water and most importantly SWEAT. I hope the best for you and hopefully we get updated.
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Working out will help but it's all about your diet.

I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty easy to lose weight. The problem is the mental game that you're gonna go through where the real battle is gonna be. Everyone knows how to lose weight, you even said it, cut all the bullshit and only eat healthy food, stop going out and start cooking.

One final tip that helped me - Never think about the end result, it's gonna happen eventually, but if you constantly think about where you want to be, you're gonna crash and lose focus on the journey.
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Exercising is great man but you'll also have to eat clean food which is the most important basically lay of fried foods and junk food as much as possible. Also it's all about portions as well like try not to over eat and eat enough for the day. I'm sure you can do it it's never to late bro you're gonna feel great in the end!
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@Mikey could help you with this.

I would PM him or check out his fitness thread.

Good luck with your body goals m8.

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First step is to cut out fizzy drinks, you'd be surprised on how much that affects your diet. Switch to water and maybe have 1 or 2 each weekend until you adjust to water.
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Apparently the keto diet is good.
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