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What kinds of things do you like to cook or are good at cooking?

I like to cook easy meals like burritos, or spaghetti. And as for as good I'd say I'm meh I can cook basic things.
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I lived with 6 sisters and 1 brother so i learned how to cook bulk foods like shrimp alfredo, spaghetti and beenie weenies. Then i worked in a bakery for a while so i learned how to make sundaes, bake bread and make yogurts.

I also learned how to prep meats, so i can know how to make breaded chicken, stuffed turkey burgers and mexican cornbread.

But nothing like some home cooked meals, i love my mothers pork chops and burgers with the works.
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Spaghetti is the main thing I can cook, and do it pretty well tbh..
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Without a microwave?

All I can really do is pasta
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Steak. Good at making those.
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I make the best pizzas
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I like cooking random stuff I find via the Facebook videos, I've made some dank ass shit from those videos.
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Crumb chicken and beef stroganoff.
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simple oven dinners lmao!
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