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So I recently bought a 2019 Dodge Charger Scatpack with a black on black exterior and it happened to come with Carbon Fiber (Charcol Grey) stripes on it and I went to my local shop and wanted to have them pinstriped in red but their cost estimator guy was on vacay, anyone have a rough idea on cost?
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I'd say prolly $350-$400?
No more than $500
Just an estimate
To get my whole roof wrapped and taillights it was like $300-$350
Don't quote me tho
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It depends on a few things, mainly how intricate do you want it, and do you want it actually painted on or do you want the pin stripe sticker? The stickers are like $50 for a roll and you can do that yourself but if you wanted a shop to do it they'll probably charge $75ish I'd imaging.

As for painting, I have no experience in that. All my pinstriped vehicles have been striped from the factory and they use the sticker, I did have to redo my white truck though and it's a pretty simple process. I do know that there's a few different ways to paint them on, you can do it by hand, you can mask off and spray or, or you can airbrush it. Depending on their talent and that they want to do, the price may vary.
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