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So I've got this, what do you call it.. problem? I kind of like it and hate it at the same time. The problem is that I can only play one game at a time, what I mean by that is if I play a game that is the only game I will play for years and won't really touch anything else, I feel like I'm missing out on so much fun when I do this. I did it with CoD and my whole family would say I'm not a gamer because I only play one game.. I played pretty much only Call of Duty games Upnuntil Fortnite came out. Now that's literally the only game I play.. I guess I like to grind one game so I can be the best I can be at that one game.. ya know? Is anyone else with me on this?
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I do the same thing when a game is good enough.
I only played Halo 3 for years
Then only sniped on CoD for years
Then only played Halo 4 for a few years
Eventually got on the Fortnite grind and only played that
Then I was only playing Apex until a few days ago i started to get a bit bored.

I like to grind out a game and become a top player, I like to win, go for cool clips, and get better. That's what is fun to me, there isn't a problem with that.
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I've done the same since I was young to. I'll be 25 in 5 months and I only still play the same game because with work and life I never have the time to play any games at all. But I do try my best to branch out on another games. Example, growing up I only played RPG games and Dragon Ball Z. But my Anime my fiance likes Call of Duty and shooters games so that's what I've been trying to brand into. Really you just gotta make the time to play when you can.
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It's not bad at all, if you play a bunch of different games, you'll never reach your full potential at any of them.
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I'm the same way especially playing single player. I could never stop playing it then jump on something else. If I did then I would forget the story line. Then it would be just a huge waste.
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i only play runescape lol and here and there call of duty that's it lol
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Nah there's nothing wrong with that. I went from being hooked on Fifa 19 to not playing it at all, then to BO4 to no longer play that at all anymore either...Then i went to Fortnite and stuck to that for over a year and played literally nothing else. Then the GOD of all time Apex landed and i haven't been able to play anything else since! APEX FTW
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I have no idea if it's good or bad, but I know I'm the same way lol, when the first COD came out I played for 5 years straight hahaha
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Nothing wrong with that, if you find a game you genuinely enjoy and can play hours/days on end without getting bored that's great I felt the same way about mw2.
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same i cant really play anything but cod anymore
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