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lol if pineapple shouldn't go on pizza then neither should mushrooms
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-Jysen- wroteI think so because if someone likes the Taste of it why not just let them eat it searching up videos on YouTube of why pineapples shouldn't go on pizza some people say because it's to sweet. Some people say pineapple should stay a fruit others are just saying it because they want to but really in all fact it's delicious. I don't think anyone should diss it unless you actually try it I like it been eating it since I was young nobody had a problem until a few years ago sick of all the videos throwing out perfectly good pieces of pizza just cause they got pineapple on them. Bruh just take the pineapple off if it's that big of a deal eat pineapple as a fruit eat it on your pizza do whatever the hell you want but don't criticize someone else for liking something that you don't like if you don't feel the same way let me hear your rant.
Honestly tired of people not actually being able to defend why pineapples honestly shouldn't go on pizza no valid reason can be provided guaranteed unless your allergic which is irrelevant.

I don't see why not. It's just a healthy topping people enjoy it and some don't just like hawaii pizza it's pineapple and ham
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Absolutely not. I would think it will overcome the taste of the pizza. I really dont like pineapples either, so its defiantly a no for me.
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