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Best place in southside edmonton fat burger their food is always super delicious never disappointed even have these super good Oreo milkshakes.

Let me know what's the best restaurant in your area and what you would want me to order if I went there example.
Restaurant: FatBurger
Order: double king burger add bacon large bag o fries medium Oreo milkshake super tasty

Excited to hear everyone's response
Thanks for reading

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I mean, I gotta shout out In and Out Burger.
A double double meal hits the spot
There's another place called Main Street burgers and it's really, really good.
A burger with fries and some garlic fries is always great. Their garlic fries are amazing.
I go to a taqueria to get burritos, it's called Zona Rosa. It's about an hour away, in San Francisco but it's worth it. Huge burritos, chips and salsa on the side, plus my lady and I always take it to go to a nice view point of the city and the workers are nice as hell.
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Truthfully i barely go out my comfort zone because the couple times i did i hated the food.

The times i did when my sister took me and my mother for our birthdays (Fun fact, my birthday is sep 28th and my mom's is on the 27th) I went to a place called benihanas, i love the rice they cook in front of you. We go every year for our birthdays.

Another place is downtown in Cleveland called the chocolate bar, i love the food they make there. I mainly went there because i wanted to try some drinks when i turned 21
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Always wanted to visit San Francisco have to check it out
Also Cleveland never been there gotta check out the states
Sounds like it would be a great experience.
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McDonald's is probably the best honestly
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@drakenelite gotta be something better than McDonald's in your area for reals
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Texas Road House ! Or Longhorn steak house
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Texas Roadhouse or The Cheesecake Factory here
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lone star texas grill
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We have a restaurant focused on the show man vs food and the food there is so good it's insane, always order anything meat based because it's all slow cooked to perfection, you just can't go wrong, the deserts are super nice too
and since it's based on the show and you're feeling super hungry you can always attempt any of the challenges
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