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Just re introducing myself my name is Federation. I left TTG a little while back and I decided to come back to this site. I realized that that I had great times on here I missed talking to a lot of you! I felt kinda empty without this site if that makes any sense lol. I see you guys more than a community, I see you guys as family and missed just socializing with you guys and gals. I'm gonna start to be more active again on TTG and make up lost time. Thanks for reading this and I'll see you guys around, peace!

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Welcome back.
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Welcome back man! Hope you stick around for good this time
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Good to see you make a return, I hope to see you posting.
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welcome back bro, hope to see you be active
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Welcome back, I definitely remember seeing your name around the forums!

Hope to see you stay active this time around.

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Welcome back g
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welcome back to a great community.
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Welcome back man
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Welcome back to the site federation.
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