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So I wanna know your guys opinions.

1: What do you think about the game?

2: So you think this game is/will be the killer of fortnite?

3: What All do you like/dislike of it so far?

My Opinions

1: I love it, like I can't stop grinding it out.

2: Me personally think it can, fortnite May still be hella active but this game is probably gonna take over pretty quick.

3: My Likes- how the progression of your level, the apex packs, how you can earn and be rewarded for just playing.

My Dislikes- atm I don't have any.
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Fortnite is to big for any other BR to overtake it.
It's a good game, needs work here and there.
Apex is one of the best Battle Royales to drop and not need much work into it at the get go.
As long as they keep up with updates and don't do some drastic like add planes or something. I feel the game will continue into the "competitive e-sports scene". Heck there was already a $200,000 tournament the other day.

I'd just like more ammo, personally I feel theres not enough in first drop scenarios especially with light ammo guns like the R-99 or R-301 I believe its called.

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1. I think the game is very fun, definitely my favorite battle royal so far I love the whole Titanfall mix and the abilities are awesome as well!

2. At the moment it's beating Fortnite with the views on twitch I hope that will last lol I think Fortnite is overrated and it needs to die.

3. The game is great but it needs some bug fixes, my only problem. Sometimes it will freeze for me and my friends, other than that everything is great about the game.

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After giving it about 20 hours of gameplay, here's what i think

1: What do you think about the game?

It's okay, i don't have any hard complaints at the moment. I personally love all the pings/callouts and typing ingame, it helps a ton when you're playing with randoms.

2: So you think this game is/will be the killer of fortnite?

No, fortnite will always be fortnite. it doesn't matter what Br comes out. If people are still finding games in 5 seconds, a game is doing good. Just because we no lifed it doesn't mean other people are bored of it. Just like cod.

3: What All do you like/dislike of it so far? The hotzones are great, it makes every game fresh and fast paced. I barely get any downtime on the game when you drop early, so if anyone is complaining about downtime and camping and getting pinched. Tell them to stop dropping late.

The dislikes i have are mostly about the storm. The storm is way too weak, ive had games where i dropped so far away from the storm and was able to tank it with 2 health kits. I'm not a fan of that. I had enough time to fight 2 teams, come out with both of my teammates beacons and win the game.

I just think the storm needs to do more, possibly a max health decrease the longer your tanking it?

And it's probably just a me thing, but i can't ever find a default red dot. I don't want super ultra zoom 40x elite 3 bipod scope.

And that revive glitch where you can't run. but that should be fixed soon.

I'd personally give the game like a solid 7/10. But it's EA we're talking about, give the game about 2-3 months and they'll add p2w characters, nerf the guns to the ground and leave exploits untouched for months.
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I love it, still feels like call of duty with a touch of that old school halo feel.
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