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Hi guys, requested graphics before and got nothing but great work of users before.

I'm quickly wondering if anyone here can make a logo. For a business I've been running for some time now. I run a jeweller company and from the logo I currently have Im wondering if anyone can improve on it as I've seen some amazing graphic work in this forum.

The Company name is : Glaciar Jewels (icy lmao)

I'm needing someone to create and intricate logo that still looks clean, maybe adding a diamond in there some how as we work on many diamond encrusted projects.

I'm just seeing what work you guys could some up with before I seek a professional designer lol.

With regards to the logo I only need to the letters in the logo; GJ. If it's possible can it be made as the picture below states then add anything you may think will look nice. Giving it the icy feel.

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Thanks a bunch to whoever helps.
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If you're looking for a professional logo for your business, feel free to PM me to discuss an arrangement.

Just saying, most skilled designers won't go out of their way to make a business logo for free and post it on the internet with the chance that you might use it.
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