MusicWhat Was Your Favourite Music Video Of 2018?Posted:

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What Was Your Favourite Music Video Of 2018 And Why
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Upside Down by The Story So Far, watched this video a countless amount of times.
An amazing song, shows how far the band has come, and is so pure.
The singer, Parker, finally looks happy. The band released an album after a while. It's just all good vibes, it's all love now.

This song/video from OK Go is old, but it's still the best music video in the whole entire world.

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Quality videos both basically short movies

This one is from 2017 but oh well
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Do better By lil Donald, I like how in the video he shows people going through shit in there relationship and he raps about how you need to do better.
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Cuz its Gucci ASF lol
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