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I stream every now and then but I can't seem to find the best settings. Should I encode using my CPU or GPU? My PC is pretty powerful but I think my internet is the thing weighing me down as I only have 6 Mbps upload speed. I also want to hit 144 fps in games like Apex Lengends, Destiny 2, and other triple A games.
Any advance or cheaper hardware I can buy so my streams are smoother?
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It should automatically tailor to your PC specs when you go to set it up.
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If you don't plan on getting a 2 PC stream setup then I'd recommend getting the Elgato - Game Capture HD60 Pro.
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Currently I'm running an i7-3770k and a GTX 1060 and typically use NVENC because my CPU is pretty dated, I've had my system for 8 or so years now and only upgraded the GPU.
Unfortunetly I can't get the Elgato because my motherboard doesn't have a PCIe slot or I'd go with that.

Really honestly also just depends on the game you're playing. If you notice the game is more CPU heavy then run NVENC. If it's more GPU heavy run it your CPU, though even when say Apex is more GPU heavy I still run NVENC because it seems smoother than running it on my CPU.

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