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I've noticed a lot of Reddit Posts on people asking how to get this calling card but no answers. So i thought i'd share it over on TTG First.
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This calling card is super simple to get and it looks amazing.

1. Go to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
2. Press Rewards and Sign Up
3. Go to your email & Verify your email.
4.Go to Rewards
5. Claim Black ops 4 calling card for 0 points
6. Copy the code for the calling card.
7 Go to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] & enter the code
8. Restart your application of Bo4
9. Enjoy your new calling card

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Thanks that was pretty helpful man.
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Nice find man, thanks
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Great find brother
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Awesome find just copped this
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Awesome find mate, founf someone on twitter with it. cheers for that
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thanks for the info i will definitely be doing this
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How on earth do you find these things?:s thank you bro!
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Asus Calling card after you redeem the code it'll be located in general in the calling cards
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Bumping this cause I mistakenly reposted it, you should edit the title to the "Asus calling card [Free]" didn't know this had been posted cause the title is a little misleading aha!

Props for posting the method though!
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