BO4The Best Calling Card on Bo4 Asus calling card [Free]Posted:

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I've noticed a lot of Reddit Posts on people asking how to get this calling card but no answers. So i thought i'd share it over on TTG First.

This calling card is super simple to get and it looks amazing.

1. Go to
2. Press Rewards and Sign Up
3. Go to your email & Verify your email.
4.Go to Rewards
5. Claim Black ops 4 calling card for 0 points
6. Copy the code for the calling card.
7 Go to & enter the code
8. Restart your application of Bo4
9. Enjoy your new calling card

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Thanks that was pretty helpful man.
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Nice find man, thanks
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Great find brother
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Awesome find just copped this
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Awesome find mate, founf someone on twitter with it. cheers for that
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thanks for the info i will definitely be doing this
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How on earth do you find these things?:s thank you bro!
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Asus Calling card after you redeem the code it'll be located in general in the calling cards
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Bumping this cause I mistakenly reposted it, you should edit the title to the "Asus calling card [Free]" didn't know this had been posted cause the title is a little misleading aha!

Props for posting the method though!
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