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Fathom Events began streaming an English-dubbed trailer for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Kid Senshi Gundam NT), the new anime project for the Gundam franchise, on Friday.

Fathom Events and Sunrise will screen the film in the United States with an English dub on February 19 only. Sunrise is working with NYAV Post to produce the English dub for the anime.
The anime opened in Japan on November 30, and ranked at #4 in its first weekend.

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Sunrise describes the anime's story:

U.C. 0097, one year after the opening of "Laplace's Box." Despite the revelation of the Universal Century Charter that acknowledges the existence and rights of Newtypes, the framework of the world has not been greatly altered.
The conflict later dubbed the "Laplace Incident" is thought to have ended with the downfall of the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves. In its final battle, two full psycho-frame mobile suits displayed power beyond human understanding. The white unicorn and the black lion were sealed away to remove this danger from people's consciousness, and they should now be completely forgotten.

However, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03, which disappeared two years earlier, is now about to show itself in the Earth Sphere once more. A golden phoenix... named Phenex.

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Never been a huge fan of English dub anime's except for the black butler dubs and that may be just cause I met the cast and honestly love Tatum saying "I'm simply one hell of a butler" forgot who voiced Ciel but she's a cutie lol.
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