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I've been on ttg now for a while and I've been doing graphics for around 2 years and it's amazing to see it paid off with graphics king! Hopefully I can stay active and continue to support the graphics community here

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Congrats on your shiny new badge bro. Your hard work and dedication shows in your work and its paid off.
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congrats man, the new badge looks good on you
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Congrats man we appreciate all your hardwork
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Well done, I hope to see you continue the hard work!
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Congrats man I was only just viewing your topic before and all your work it's been a long time coming by the looks off it
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Glad to see you get this badge, i know it was hard work. All I can say is congratulations.
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Grats on the major Achievement
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Thanks everyone it means a lot <3
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Very well deserved and definitely long overdue, you're one hell of a designer and I hope to see more of your work in the future.
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