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Now i have not seen them (yet waiting for'em to hit the streaming sites) anyway between these 2 movies which one would you prefer
1. My hero academia:movie
2.dragon ball super: broly

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Zema (01-31-2019)
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well i mean it really depends on what series you like more i have a friend that watched broly and he said it was really good tho so i will be watching that soon but that is mainly because i have not watch mha all the way through yet
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Havent watched either yet as Im not finished Super.
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My hero academia easily, tho I haven't watched broly since I am fairly new to watching all these different anime's and stuff but I may edit my post once I give broly a go
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Dragon ball 100% no doubt
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Not watched dragon ball super yet so we will have to see
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I have to go with Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it's a great movie. My Hero Academia was good too, but i have to go with the SSJ squad.
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I love DBS and saw the Broly movie the day of release , but I have not seen the my hero movie or even heard there was one so I'm definitely going to have to check it out cause I'm a my hero fan aswell, but if I had to pick I would say DBS movie the fight scenes and colors and character designs was too good for movie.
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Dragon Ball Super
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I'd recommended hero although my opinion is totally biased on this one since I've never enjoyed dragon ball, I love the games and characters but it's just toooooo much for me and also a little wack that's just my opinion on it though..
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