MilestoneI got the worst looking badge on ttgPosted:

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So I got the rigged luck badge

Uh thanks to Saki and Jimbo also everyone who gifted

I uh haven't been on lots cus I got slightly addicted to oldschool runescape.

Also I like anime

K bye
Luv u all

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gg man thats a nice amount of gold youve got stocked up then
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Congrats on your new badge Loke!
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Congrats on the ugly badge bro
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Well done
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Congrats on the new badge Loke, even if it's ugly you are still a cutie
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Congratulations on the new badge Loke.
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Gratz Loke on the new badge.
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hi loke congrats on the badge

still waiting on sensei btw

also i like anime too
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Congrats, OSRS is the shit so don't be ashamed!

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