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One of the shows I wish I never watched from start to finish was man
Shugo Chara i watched it cus of mortar it was so boring like I understand its for kids and all but I just can't see myself even letting kids watch it it was extremely repetitive boring sorry characters were mad annoying I just think there is a lot better "kids anime" out there then this hot garbage. God it's just one of those shows I really wish I haven't watched Frick you mortar anyway.

Another one show I honestly wish I never watched was angels of death I attempted to watch it while it was airing and I did enjoy it ish at the beginning the consept of the show was really interesting to me but man it got really boring really fast I ended up putting it on hold of a few months I just couldn't go back and watch it now I did finish it eventually but I still found it pretty repetitive and just really boring it grabbed my attention and a few parts but I really think the show fell short I enjoyed the main characters and the memes it had created but I just don't think it held up throughout the show. I really had high hopes that I would enjoy the show but it just disappointed me so much.

So what are your thoughts? And what shows did you think just fell short or you just wish you never watched?
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Yep, Shugo Chara is my major regret from watching anime. I figured I would watch it because I wanted to try something different, but because it is has a target audience of young children, it really doesn't amount to a great deal and becomes stale.

Amagami, PhotoKano and Yosuga no Sora are other series I regret watching as they are just omnibus series which play out short arcs consisting of a few episodes which plays out how it would be for the MC to date each of the girls. Rather boring and doesn't really give you much story to invest your time in.

Lance N' Masques is another series which, whilst I don't entirely remember the premise of, still remember that it was a waste of five hours.
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one of the shows i regret that i tempted to watch while it was airing was Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume , the premise of it was just bout ping pong but it got a bit repetitve -ish after while.

the other one would have to be mahou shojo site, at first i figured it be similar to madoka magika but alas it was just an *edgy* version of it.

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Hanebado only reason i watched it was because it was airing and it was one ep a week but it was terrible.
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Candy Digashi was one.
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Anything from black butler season 2 lol
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Devil Man CryBaby on netflix totally sucked
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