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A theater chain out in Japan has listed the upcoming Konosuba film for a July 12 opening, [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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this movie I am extremely excited for I thought konosuba was a great show and I loved reading the manga as well. I really think the move will be great BUT I don't want to go into it with super high expectations overall I believe the show is very movie worthy and I think it will be a fantastic addition to the show. I would love it if it was playing in theaters where I am as I would get my anime friends and go and watch it with them sadly that is not gonna happen but I am still excited for it and I will be watching it on release.
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Good to know that it will be landing in the Summer season, although that still means it won't become available to stream until close to the end of the year. From how the two seasons went, whilst I am glad that more content is coming, I would rather it continue with another season as opposed to movies just so we can continue to get more story progression. Still not sure how many movies will be done for the series, whether it will be left at one, or if we get a couple, just hopefully we get more content.

As for the transition from Studio Deen to J.C. it means that the movie is likely to undergo a bit of a face-lift in terms of art quality which is something that people have complained about over the current state of season one and two. Personally I enjoyed the goofy art style, even with the occasional derpy faces as it just works well with the theme of the series.
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I agree with mortar here, I wish they'd continue adding to the show even though I'm sure the movie will be great, I just love being able to watch small bits of story rather than a whole movie with a plot, this leaves a lot of room for them to mess up even though I'm sure if done right I'll enjoy it as much as the show.

Loke reccomended it a few months ago to me and I'd seen it everywhere I just thought it'd end up like sword art which I can't stand past the first 12 episode aha.

However I was super pleased with konosuba and honestly may cosplay from this series depending on he amount of people I see going for it.

I like being unique and generally try to stay away from the mainstream just because how If an anime blows up you see nothing but obsessing over it and I don't like that, I love being able to support underdog anime's and there's tons I feel never got the praise they deserve.
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