BO4Permanent Double XP Glitch After Patch 1.11 ( Solo )Posted:

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If You Need Double XP Message Me

Step 1: Redeem any double xp code ( 15 min/30 min/1 hr ).

Step 2: Load up BO4, Go into multiplayer main menu.

Step 3: Check that the double xp code has worked by selecting game mode options and verifying you have double xp time.

Step 3: Go into blackout and load into a ( squads ,quads) game this will put all 3 players on your team on your recent players list. ( Mandatory)

Step 4: Leave the match after you've gotten into the helicopter.

Step 5: Go into multiplayer main menu then go into recent players tab in game and join a player that is still in the match by clicking view player card and joining from there.

Step 6: You will get kicked to main menu ( Multiplayer, Zombies, Blackout) with a message saying * unable to join

Step 7: Click a to accept message go back into multiplayer done!


Credit : Detriment

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Works LIke Charm
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My recent players list didn't update after I left blackout lobby when I got into the helicopter, suggestions?

Works perfect! Good shit man

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Isn't there a double XP Week on right now?
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JLM wroteIsn't there a double XP Week on right now?

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JLM wroteIsn't there a double XP Week on right now?

Yes but only for zombies
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Why is the helicopter necessary?
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Your a star bro
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Thanks bro I'll be sure to try this out later
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Blackout not updating my recent players, must you do it a couple times?
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