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Here's my most recent clutch of ball pythons, pairing was a banana to a spinner blast. Thought people might be interested .


Banana Bumblebee #1:

Banana Bumblebee #2:

Bumblebee #1:

Bumblebee #2:

Pinstripe #1:

Pinstripe #2:


Banana Spider:

Rainbow Banana (Banana Spinner blast)

This girl here was the goal of the project, when she's older she'll be the female in a pairing that will hopefully result in a few world-firsts.

I've got a multi-sire clutch coming soon with a pairing of banana pastel enchi to a pastel. Hoping to produce some very bright super pastel enchis which would be an awesome addition to the collection. I somehow managed to produce no normals from this clutch so the odds just happened to be in my favor I guess

Hope some of you found this interesting/cool. Thanks.

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I usually hate snakes, I really don't like them. But these guys all look pretty cute! Would never hold them like that though I'm cool off that.
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These look super cool! I wish I could get some pets like this but I know nothing about it and I'm scared I'd hurt them
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Some cute danger noodles you have!
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Snakes creep me out but these are pretty cool

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Why Do these look so sick
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Gosh dam those morphs look sooooo cute owo
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I wanted a pinstripe but funny story, he/she was aggressive. Was almost impossible to hold. Even when I did send it into flight mode, he/she would still try to bite me. I ended up taking it back to the breeder. Got another normal sadly. I've been wanting to mate snakes but always find myself in a struggle myself. Glad you got a good clutch bud.
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Definitely some neat snakes you got there.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

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