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In this tutorial, i will be walking you through how to set up an rgh/jtag console everything starting from xex menu, stealth & all the way to modding games.

Things Required before continuing

RGH/JTAG Console
USB drive
Console HDD
Xbox Neighborhood
Ability to follow instructions via tutorial!

Tutorial Index

1. Xex Menu
1.a How to install games to the HDD
2. Dashlaunch+Freestyle Dash etc
2a. How to set up Stealth servers
3. How to install and Use Xbox Neighborhood
4. How to add mods to each game individually
5. How to use recovery tools

1. Installing & Navigating through Xex Menu

Take a blank USB drive and insert it into computer.
Create a folder named "Content" on the USB.
Inside the content folder create a folder with 16 0's
Inside the folder with 16 0's is where you will save your C0DE9999 Folder you will get when you download xex menu Downloads/id=11194/xex-menu-12.html

After that you have Xex menu successfully loaded to your USB. Now you can plug USB into console and have access to Xex menu. To transfer xex menu to HDD copy the C0DE9999 directly to usb then copy and paste it into the content folder on the HDD

Folder should be

Content>0000000000000000>C0DE9999> 00080000>C0DE99990F586558

How to navigate through Xex Menu

A button - Select
B button - Back
X button - Switch from HDD to USB, etc conveniently
Y button - Create Folder, Copy, Cut, Paste, CopyDVD, Delete & PatchXex options.
RB/LB buttons - Navigate through xex menu
RT/LT buttons - Page Up/Down
Start - Alternate Select
Back - Alternate Back

1a. Installing Games to HDD with XexMenu

1. Navigate to HDD1
2. Create a folder called GAMES
3. Create a folder for the game you want to burn. Say Black Ops 1 for example.
4. Open that folder and press Y
5. Once your disc drive opens put disc in tray and manually close it.
6. Wait til you hear the disc load by making a loud humming sound then hit confirm

If done successfully you'll start ripping the game to the hdd. Each game takes anywhere from 20-30 mins or more depending on how big game is.

If it starts and stops right away it was done wrong and you need to repeat steps above. If no luck try restarting console or trying a different disc to diagnose whether its a bad disc or bad drive.

2. Installing and Navigating through Dashlaunch

To install you will simply download the latest version then just put the whole "dashlaunch" folder on usb then copy and paste it to the HDD via xex menu.

(You would install Freestyle dashboard and various other programs just like dashlaunch was installed. Download folder put whole folder on root. Most times what ever you want to download will have some sort of instructions if all fails.)

Dashlaunch can be confusing to some, others will pick up fairly quick try and follow the best you can. Any questions just ask in comments below.

In dashlaunch you will use it to set your plugins, network settings, xebuild options, and much more. We will be focusing on plugins and network settings for now to focus on getting console online and connected with neighborhood.

Latest dashlaunch - Downloads/id=204077/dashlaunch-v320.html

To open Dashlaunch, go into xex menu open the Dashlaunch folder > Installer > default.xex

Once in dashlaunch, you can change your plugins, console settings (fantemps, boot directly to something like xex menu, fsd etc instead of boot logo etc) and more.

How to navigate

A button - select
B button - quit ( be careful pressing this, this can be a habit to some)
Y button - Clear path
rb button - .ini save/load
lb button - misc.

2a. How to set up stealth and get online!

First lets set everything up correctly on dashlaunch.. There are a few files we will need to set everything up. I recommend going to the server of your choice's website and downloading their files. Comes with all needed plugins to get console online. Now onto dashlaunch.

In dashlaunch you will go to network, once in network we will confirm all settings are set correctly.

pingpatch - enabled (green)
signnotice - disabled (red)
liveblock - disabled (red)
livestrong - disabled (red)
xhttp - disabled (red)
nonetstore - enabled (green)
devlink - disabled
everything below disabled (red)

now lets go to plugins, we will do so by staying on screen and going down until we scroll to plugins

Here is where those files come into play from stealth . Make sure all those files are saved directly to the hard drive. you will either transfer them via usb and xex menu or you can do it via Neighborhood. Each file has to be saved individually to the hdd.

our plugins should be in dashlaunch

Plugin 1 Hdd:\xbdm.xex
Plugin 2 Hdd:\stealth.xex
Plugin 3 Hdd:\blank or mod menu
Plugin 4 Hdd:\RPC.xex
Plugin 5 Hdd:\JRPC2.xex

you may have to change your plugins depending on what tools or server you are using. They should provide a launch.ini for you to use and the plugins to go along with it

Other people may set their plugins differently I'm just using what works best for me as an example.

Once your plugins are set we are going to save. To save press rb, scroll down to HDD hover over it and press x. Once saved press B. And your plugins are now set to connect to xbox live.

!!Common Errors!!

Having a launch.ini on your usb will override the launch.ini on the console so make sure there is only one launch.ini and that is the one on the root of the hard drive. (the one you just created in dashlaunch)

Forgetting to save! Always double check everything saved after rebooting.

If you get stuck or mess something up, dashboard stuck, etc. Press power button on console and a split second later press the eject key. It will over ride the launch.ini and boot with out plugins.

3. Xbox Neighborhood - Install and how to use

Xbox Neighborhood is essentially the same as xex menu, however it will allow you to ftp all files to the hdd instead of transferring via usb each time.

Look on youtube for xbox neighborhood download, there are quite a few reliable sources. Moxah, ModdedWarfare, etc. find what works best for you.

Once you download it you will have to enter your IP which you will obtain from either xex menu or network settings on normal dashboard by going to advanced settings. You will open Xbox Neighborhood, click Add Xbox 360 and enter your IP there. If everything is done correctly you will be successfully connected to your console via neighborhood.

4. How to add mods to each game individually

I will post the most common frequently modded games first then add more as time goes. Depending on the menu you decide to use there may be different instructions or files needed or not needed, im posting what works for me.

To add these files correctly,

download files
burn game to hdd
then add and replace the files you downloaded to the game folder on your hdd

Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 requires a modded patch_mp.ff , default_mp.xex and code_post_gfx_mp.ff to mod. Here is a reliable source for a mod menu. Then when you want to change menus you'll just need to change the patch_mp.ff ;

Call of Duty WaW

Call of Duty WaW requires a modded patch_mp.ff and default_mp.xex to mod. Here is a reliable source for a mod menu. Then when you want to change menus you'll just need to change the patch_mp.ff ;

Call of Duty Mw2

Call of Duty Mw2 needs a default_mp.xex and .dll to mod. Here is a reliable source for a mod menu. Then when you want to change menus you'll just need to change the .dll or add more files depending on menu you choose ;

Call of Duty Mw3

Call of Duty Mw3 needs a default_mp.xex and .dll to mod. Here is a reliable source for a mod menu. Then when you want to change menus you'll just need to change the .dll or add more files depending on menu you choose ;

Black Ops 1

Black Ops 1 only requires a plugin. You will download the plugin and then set it in a spot on dashlaunch, most menus come with instructions here is a reliable source for a mod menu ;

Black Ops 2

How to install Jiggy menu tutorial credits to ImOx ;

I'd suggest you to make a back up copy of your normal BO2 in case you fu*k up something really bad. (E.g. I have two BO2s in my RGH, one normal, one for gsc)

Before you post down below "Not working, black screen", I installed a fresh BO2 for my self, and followed this tutorial, downloaded all the files from the links I have in this thread, and everything works as it's supposed to work.
If you get a black screen when you launch the 'default_mp.xex', you failed to follow the tutorial, (most likely failed in the TU18 files part).
If you're 110% sure you followed the tutorial correctly, and still get a black screen, I'd suggest you to get a new fresh BO2, then everything should work perfectly.

When you're transferring files to your Jtag/RGH, replace everything it asks you to replace.

Transfer the 'Tesseract.dll and default_mp.xex' to your BO2 directory on your Jtag/RGH.

TU18 files ; Highlight all the files and the two folders, and transfer them to your BO2 directory.

The 'gametypes' folder is for multiplayer, and the 'gametypes_zm' folder is for zombies.
People have started building menus in different gscs (when I first made this tutorial, no one really did this)
So if you get files named:
You want to put them in these directories.
(If you get any other files, feel free to ask me where to place them)

So '_ambientpackage.gsc' goes to maps/mp folder. (Just outside gametypes folder)
'_development_dvars.gsc' goes to maps/mp folder. (Just outside gametypes folder)
'_rank.gsc' goes to maps/mp/gametypes folder. (Same place as _clientids.gsc)

NOTE: When you extract the 'raw.rar' file, you might get two 'raw' folders, you don't want that. You only want one.

Use the 'default_mp.xex' to launch the game!
Even if you want to play zombies, launch 'default_mp.xex', don't use 'default.xex'

Call of Duty Black Ops 3, AW & Ghost

At this time I had trouble finding a menu for these games tools will be good for these games! if anyone has any working menus hmu


For GTA 5 Modding it is just a plug in, so you will download the plugin, set it correctly in dashlaunch then save your plugins reboot and launch the game Here is a reliable mod menu ; Downloads/id=36770/gta-v-pandora-...-jtag.html

5. How to use recovery tools

First , paid tools are very useful. Often they will have the best cheats available and i recommend chaotic360 or apperation net. They both have their own unique set up which is provided to you when you purchase the tool. They are roughly 20-25$ for lifetime access to the tool.

There are also various free tools out there some tools work for just one game and some work for a lot more then others. But as I said paid tools are your best way to go.

I will be adding more when i get some time, also if anyone has any suggestions on things to add via text tutorial send me a PM.

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This is literally the best thing you could've done for yourself... gonna save yourself alot of trouble and headaches! Thanked +Rep
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This is a very helpful thread, I will be sure to forward this onto customers that are new to homebrew consoles.
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Looked through this briefly and seems really good for people who are starting off.
I remember 4 or 5 years back JTHM on ttg was the one who helped me big time. Then i just progressed from there and got the hang of it. So big shout out to my boi.
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