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After months and months and months of being active in the discord, I finally have been awarded the discord badge.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

It's kinda cool.

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Tom (12-08-2018), tuf (12-08-2018), Whom (12-07-2018), Mikey (12-07-2018), Xbox (12-07-2018)
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Congrats on discord badge
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Glad to see you finally got it Nick, really don't understand what took so long seeing as you're one of the most active members on the Discord.
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Congrats brother.

That is certainly one ill never have.

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Congratulations man! I'm ranked #6, I'm shooting for it right behind you!
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Well done on quite a big achievement, I hope to see you remain active over there.
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Grats man
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I had the badge before you
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Congrats on the new badge.
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Congrats man!
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