GeneralWhat was one of your funniest/best moments on ttg?Posted:

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The title says it all. Tell me what was the funniest or best moment on ttg for you.

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Mikey (12-03-2018)
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Lots of funny moments tbh the SB gives me a laugh everyday at some point.

The best thing is the community overall how we can all come together and achieve so much, it's just fantastic and I can't get enough of it
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Best moment was when I won the hide and seek badge and mikey didnt
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Best moment for me was prolly when I got mod


dont forget to like and subscribe or t-series will come for me next
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Getting Rated Awesome.
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Motto: Hey guys if u have any crunchyroll gift codes from twitch prime that you don't need plx send to me :3
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I'll just go with, after this month, 6 months of having the ATH badge.
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I'm torn between 2 occasions.

1. The time I became the first user to ever achieve 1,000 gifts of gold.

2. The time a user called Strokes said I'd never become rated awesome. My reply "I couldn't give 2 **** tbh"

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Couple weeks later I got it. Coincidence? Hmm. But yeah, that was F hilarious.
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Finding out that someone bought a sticky and still was scamming people, basically invested into scamming. LOL
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