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Well hello there fellow TTG members, happy holidays! As I have done since 2013, I have organised a community gold giveaway to give back to the community at this time of year. The following members are taking part!

Greg | Craig | XiiWelshy | Nick | Axios | Munkey | RepBandit | Tom | Area52 | MrMw209 | Brigand | Adam | PubG | Mikey | Lease | Crippy | Maze | Kamilca | Recon | Axo | Wolf | CFO | iGraphic_x | GrindingXP | XeCookie_ | Wolf_Jr | JMG | Holy | Tidy | ecco2k | Austin

So... what exactly is going on this year? Well, once again, we have a new badge!
And this year, we are also running the Contest this year with some awesome digital game/code giveaways! Feel free to submit entries for as many contests that peak your interest. All codes/gifts are supplied by TTG users, names under each giveaway. Drop them guys some love!

Now, how to get the new Winter Giveaway 2018 badge? You receive the badge by being gifted a month of gold by one of the users listed above. How to enter? Well, each user will be looking for their own gifts, so who knows what they will be looking for... Some may gift completely randomly, some might look for a funny Holiday related gif/image. Some might even look for a holiday related story! So, post what you will and let's see who reaps the rewards

Users who have been gifted (roughly, i can't keep track of everyone!)
iGraphic_x x2
goonbag x2
Jimbo x2
Spencer x2

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you reading this has an amazing festive period. Hopefully this giveaway can spread some joy and cheer for those who are in a not so festive place of their lives.

Enter Contests

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I'd like to add that i'm also taking part!
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Any chance I can be added to the contest? I can probably give like 2 give xbox currency codes.

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I do take bribes if anyone is interested.

btw, i can give you the badge
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Good luck to all users this year!
Thankyou Greg and all the other gifters, another year and another great give away.
You never disappoint us around this time of year!

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Glad to see this up and running again, great to see the community giving the Christmas spirit. Thanks Greg for setting this up.
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Happy holidays everyone!
And good luck to everyone!

Thank you to Greg and every member participating including myself!! This site wouldn't be the same without each and everyone of you.

And also huge thank you to Sean for allowing us to do this year after year!
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Awesome thread Greg and thank you for putting everything together.

@Everyone I've already done way over 10 gifts lol, so, unfortunately, I won't be doing any more this year, as I need money for myself lol. I believe I gifted around 20 members.

Also happy I finally got to give Sean the badge this year

Thanks again Greg GG.
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Suggestion: Add Steam Keys to the contest / giveaway rather than just xbox or psn codes.

I'd suggest games like GTA 5, Black ops 4, or others like Arma, Garry's mod, rust, etc.
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Eli wroteSuggestion: Add Steam Keys to the contest / giveaway rather than just xbox or psn codes.

I'd suggest games like GTA 5, Black ops 4, or others like Arma, Garry's mod, rust, etc.

Buy some and add them to the giveaway man
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