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My PC is getting old but I need it to last another few months so i can save up for a new one. I use it for Adobe CS6 programs and I bought it back in 2013. The computer is custom built by a company called Nugent Computers in Anaheim but they recently closed down. If you see in the video the fan makes a loud noise and I noticed that the fan is not moving. The noise persists for about a minute or 2 then goes away but happens mostly everytime i turn it on. Isnt that bad? The computer has gotten pretty bad at times freezing at installations for the SP1 Windows package or Adobe programs. So far, I am strictly using it for Adobe programs. If i need to download something i need, I download it on my mac, transfer it to my USB and add it to the PC. The computer stats and video of the problem are below. I want to know if I can fix it myself. So far, after a complete factory restoration, its working well but it took me 4 attempts just to install Adobe programs and Windows updates. Somehow i got lucky with installing Adobe.


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Sorry, I dont know how to paste the Imgur photo containing the specs above. Please copy and paste to the browser I think? Im not sure how to add images to this forum.
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sounds like thats wither the cpu fan or the graphics card fan
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If the fan isn't blocked by something, the motor is grinding. You can sometimes fix this by adding lube, but I'd suggest removing or replacing the fan.
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