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Quick Run Down:

I've had this console for a few years. Used it for hosting and mod development. Has never had any faults because of the system itself. Like I said in the video, I've bricked the NAND before but I've fixed and flashed a good NAND back onto the console so therefore, it boots just as normal. It is a white corona v4 console on latest dash. Comes with 250gb internally and 500gb externally. It has internal LEDs (LED STORM V2, but I don't have the remote.) and a purple ROL. Controller works perfect as expected and console boots great with CoolRunner 3 chip with about a 5-30 second boot on average. It also has an external NAND R/W kit installed so if the console gets bricked due to a bad flash, you can connect to a PC/Laptop via MicroSD reader and flash a clean NAND on it. I will include everything as said in the video, in addition with the original console info.

I DON'T have a set price so just throw me a reasonable offer for me to consider in the PMs. I would love to see someone take this great console off my hands. I've had tons of memories and work with this console so don't low ball me please.

Thank you!


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