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Hey all! It is good to be back home. My very first forum on the internet I remember spending so much time on here as a teenager. 7 whole years since I first joined, absolutely crazy haha!

Hope to see you all around the forums and I hope to contribute as I once did!


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Welcome back! And glad to see that 7 year account is still being used!
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Welcome back my man! Definitely hope to see you around! Perhaps hop into the shout box?
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Glad to see an older member back and ready to be active. See you around man! Make sure to come around the shoutbox and check out the discord as well
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Welcome back!

Looking forward to seeing you around
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Welcome back homie.
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Welcome back to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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Welcome back man!
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Welcome back in the nest!
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Welcome back man.. see ya around!
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