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Debating if I should get the season pass, I have a discount code so I could get it for like $40... I know you get an extra black out character and all the dlc maps? What else do you get? And do you guys think it's worth it?

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Honestly depends on you. Do you play a lot, do you enjoy the game enough to pay $40 more than you already have? If so mine as well get it.
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If you plan on playing the game for the next year yea i think its worth it. You get 1000 cod points, 4 exclusive black out characters when they release, 4 map packs that includes 4 maps and 1 zombie map which is a total of 16 multiplayer maps and 4 zombie maps combined I'll say its worth it.
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Mine glitches out and got a lot more cod points so was worth it for me haha
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