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So here's what you do
You can use any challenge but here's a way that'll work for most people. Use the default cordite class and monitor the challenge perk 2 Gluttony. You want to get it to 299/300 should take around 5-6 games. Then you quit out. Now it's time to start glitching. You wanna join any game mode I say nuke town and get one kill. Soon as you get one kill you dashboard and repeat. Very simple. The challenge is worth 7500xp so with 2x xp it's 15k

I played with stacking challenges but instead of quitting app I turned off Xbox cause my button was stuck and upon reopening black ops the challenges were complete. So this is the only challenge I have at the moment someone let me know if you can stack so I can give it the time of day (:

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tried it just now and can confirm that is does work. I did not try stacking the challenges but the perk 2 gluttony glitch works.
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Stacked Operator Mod And Gluttony 1. Works nicely
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