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Is amazon safe to use and how do you know if a product is refurbished or not.

And is it sage to use with a debit card?
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Mannnnnn, yes it's safe dawg! I just ordered two things today. Better than eBay, more professional IMO. It'll say new/refurbished and if your product is wrong, you can contact them and get it all sorted out. Yes, it's safe with a debit card, but sxxt happens. Plus, Jeff Bezos could always use more money
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is this a real question?
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No, its a scam.
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Are you new to the internet?

Yes, amazon is save to use
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PUBG wroteIs amazon safe to use and how do you know if a product is refurbished or not.

And is it sage to use with a debit card?

I have been using amazon for the past 3 years and have never had a problem with it.

To know weather something is refurbished or not it will tell you in the description box.

I always look at the reviews before I buy something and it is safe to use a debt card but if you don't feel comfortable with using your debt card online you could always buy amazon gift cards at a store and than purchase stuff with that.
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Amazon is easy and convenient. I had the student prime account and loved it because I got 2 day shipping on most items.
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Yes it's safe to use mate.

But never save your card details online!
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amazon is my favorite site to shop online. Absolutely safe man
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Wuh? You've never heard of amazon before I thought I lived in a cave
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