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I forgot my old name and password but that was years ago when I was online with it. Other than that, I am back to see what's changed and see what's happening.

I am Tomi aka Hecuba-S. Name is out of Destiny 2, an exotic sparrow.

Other than that, what's new? New admins? Mods?


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Mikey (11-24-2018)
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Welcome back! if you use the sites contact form and give us as much details as you can about your other account we can try and get it back to you if you want. saves having to start all over again.
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Welcome back, hope you don't forget this password!(;
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Welcome back dude.

Hopefully you can get your old account back.
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Welcome back to the site mate, im sure staff can help you get your old account back.
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Welcome back! I think you should do what Sean said and get your old account back so you don't have to start over!
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