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Check out the yearly contest!

Halloween Contest 2018!

Most of the entries were awesome! It's great to see community events like it.
Honestly, i can't say i expected to win it. I really didn't want to enter but someone had said enter Freya. I can't remember who it was as it was months ago. This was Freya's first "dress up contest" and SHE WON!
Special thanks to those who voted for Freya.

What i will do is use the £25 xbox currency, I will spend that value on a Christmas present for her, and it will be from you guys, TTG. When i find the right thing (something for her to learn from maybe A, B, C's or counting toys).

And your Winner! is.....

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Be ready for the giveaway 1st Dec 2018!

Thanks guys, Jay

The Following 13 Users Say Thank You to Jay For This Useful Post:

Xbox (11-24-2018), Ninja (11-18-2018), WittLowry (11-17-2018), Matthew- (11-12-2018), uwu (11-12-2018), coolbunny1234 (11-12-2018), RepBandit (11-12-2018), Brigand (11-11-2018), Zesri (11-10-2018), Mikey (11-10-2018), tuf (11-10-2018), 40oz (11-10-2018), Saki (11-10-2018)
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Haha Jay you legend.
Congrats on your badge man!
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Congratulations on the badge Jay, oh wait...
You didn't do nothing, where tf is Freya's badge?
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Cutest lil baby on the forums, congratulations Jay and Freya!
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Ah cutie!
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congrats bro. Welcome to the halloween party xD We all got it now!
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She definitely deserved to win! Congrats Jay.
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Congrats you noob!

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Congrats to Freya, not you.
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Awww bless her cotton socks >.< Congrats!
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