GeneralWhat are you interested in that most people aren't?Posted:

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What are you interested in that most people aren't?

I like write and draw some people don't like that.
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I like to do graffiti.
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Scary movies or big rides in fair park
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Collect alot of Clothing lines
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Playing music in a brass band
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Esports, a ton of people are into it, but there's a handful of people who aren't.

I enjoy seeing the highest level of play in games that i enjoy, i want to see what they do differently compared to casual ladder climbers.

But with 1 pro's, there's like 3 cons. You got people who sit there and watch esports all day and night then bring their strategies into casual play. Then the meta changes for the better or worse.

Ever seen a gun get no play in cod then randomly everyone is using it? that's a meta change.
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corporate politics
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If anyone is into dubstep please be my friend lmao
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