Red Dead Redemption 2Ideas about the future of RDR2 *Spoilers*Posted:

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First off. I just completed the game and decided to check out some of the old RDR map. I loved RDR2, but I just went and took over thieves landing and it felt better than anything I had done up to this point in the game. It had more of a western feel to it like the original. I have a theory about this section of the game, but I'm probably wrong. Wouldn't it be great if Rockstar remade the entire first game and placed it inside of RDR 2? I mean the epilogue of RDR 2 would lead into it perfectly with John just getting his ranch up and running. Just fast forward a bit. They could add new dialogue referring back to Arthur and events from RDR2. It definitely doesn't sound like too much of a stretch to me. They already have the base game to go off of and the whole US portion of the RDR1 map. Probably just wishful thinking, but one can hope.
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