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This is the most recent update which happend 06/11/2018


Playlist Updates

Blightfather added to all playlists.

100-Player Quads added to the Featured playlist.

Maximum players in Solo and Duos playlists changed to 88.

Character Missions

Zombies Chaos Storyline Character Missions now available (Bruno, Diego, Scarlett, and Shaw).

Increased drop rates of Character Mission items.

Weapons (Blackout Only)

Submachine Guns

Increased muzzle velocity on all SMGs. This should provide more consistent gunfights when in SMG range, along with ensuring that SMGs perform as expected in their intended power band when compared to Assault Rifles in Blackout.


Reduced recoil.

Assault Rifles

Rampart 17

Reduced ADS sway.

Reduced recoil.

Tactical Rifles

Auger DMR

Increased re-center speed. We slowed down the re-center due to high performance in our Blackout beta, but have seen the AUGER slightly underperform since release.

Slightly increased muzzle velocity. This should make for more predictable shots when firing at a moving target within the Auger's intended ranges.


Tightened the spread pattern. This should allow more shots to land on target at range.

Light Machine Guns

While some players have found success with the LMGs in Blackout, they're still being passed over by the large majority of players. These changes should help make LMGs more manageable when providing cover fire or engaging targets at range.


Increased re-center speed.

Reduced re-center pattern offsets for more predictable recoil.

VKM 750

Increased re-center speed.

Reduced re-center pattern offsets.


Increased re-center speed.

Reduced re-center pattern offsets.

Equipment (Blackout Only)


Removed the 9-Bang from Blackout while we evaluate its place in the gameplay loop.

Concussion Grenade

Increased throw distance.

Increased stack count to 2.
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