Red Dead Redemption 2Red dead: Has anybody completed the story yet?Posted:

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What's your thoughts on the ending to red dead?

I thought it was a bit off a shocker very unexpected looking forward to the online beta and patiently waiting

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I didn't yet, trying my hard to complete it
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I'm on chapter 6 but a post spoiled the ending for me. Definitely a huge shock though and won't post any spoilers. Trying to take it slow right now.
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I got the game haven't even played it yet story sucks
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Completed the story about 6 hours ago, and now on 73.3% on completion. Now gonna chill out and hunt every animal and explore New Austin
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If you've finished the first red dead then once you finish the second one its not as big of a shocker. Story is phenomenal though. would recommend to anyone who likes story mode games.
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Finished the game last night, I'm currently at 75.3/100% completion. In my opinion RDR2 has the best campaign I've ever played.
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after an event happens in chapter 6 the story was kinda predictable, not saying it was bad but I felt like the ending could have been a little different.

I also felt that chapter 3 was kinda pointless they could have cut out the ending of it and put it in chapter 4 somehow

good game a soild 9/10 for me
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