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My 2nd son was born tonight, baby and momma are healthy. Boy came 2 weeks early and weighed 8 lbs via c section. Didn't expect to get the call on my way home from work today, but sure enough she called n within a hour he was here

Back to changing diapers

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congratulations on your 2nd streamah

lets hope in 10 years time he becomes streamah 2.0
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Congratulations on number 2, I know from being a second child that we are a lot funnier and better looking. Glad to see you're doing well for yourself, Streamah
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Congratulations bro my first is due in June
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Such a heart warming feel! I wish your family the best congrats fam
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Ayy congrats to you bud. Becoming a daddy was the best feeling in the world for me. Can only imagine what it's like reliving it all again. (sleepless nights can f*ck off doe)
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Congrats my man, my sister just had hers today, 4 pound girl, they had to stay in the hospital a extra day or so to make sure everything is alright. Feels like you can hold her in one hand

What's the name?
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Congratulations on your second baby man, good luck hehe
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Now I can actually call you daddy
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How awesome! Glad kid and momma are healthy.
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