What console do you play?

50.00% (3 votes)
Xbox (all models)
50.00% (3 votes)
PlayStation (all models)
0.00% (0 votes)
Nintendo (all models)
0.00% (0 votes)
I don't play games
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Total Votes: 6

GeneralConsole or PC gamer?Posted:

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So, who plays pc and who plays console?

I play both but i mostly play pc.

My Specs
i7 6700k - Corsair liquid cool

GTX 980ti Hybrid x2 (Sli)

16gb 3200mhz Vengeance ram

3tb 7200 Rpm HDD and samsung m.2 500gb ssd

Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

1000w corsair platinum power supply

Games I Play

Black ops 4

Insurgency Sandstorm (beta atm)

Destiny 2

Forza Horizon 4





GTA V & IV <(sometimes)



And some more.. cant think of them all rn lol

My Steam/Discord

Steam:JP Baby (used to be jesus's penis but every time i would play Bo1 i would get like 4 kills and the hosts of whatever game i was in would kick me.)

Share what you play below!

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Xbox (11-28-2018)
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I play PC and Xbox One.
I mostly play on Xbox One, but use my PC to enjoy open world games that aren't super competitive.
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I play Xbox, But I would love to play on PC, I cant afford a gaming PC
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I only play Xbox I don't think I'd be able to get the hang of pc gaming
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I have both Xbox and PC, and while I have a ton of games for both, I tend to play xbox more because I have more irl friends that play xbox
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I've been an Xbox guy all my life but PC ultimately provides the best experience imo. I'm no elitist though if you play console that's fine with me.
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Xbox console.
I have tried the PlayStation consoles in the past and didn't like them.
I have some pc stems games but I don't play it very often.
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Console is what I prefer and I play Xbox
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I only play Xbox atm, I have tried playing games on a pc but im just too bad with mouse and keyboard -_-
And Im too lazy to start learning how to play with it xD
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I wish I could afford pc. Just to much for me. Sadly I've stuck with consoles (Mainly Xbox) since 2000.
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